Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week 36

 This week was good; just a few highlights (not exactly in order):
  • I watched 4/5 sessions of General Conference (missed Priesthood session because it started at 9, but I will watch it soon).
  • ate one lunch with a member. Due to his work at a drink factory, he offered us a drink that is made there. So he poured us a cup of an energy drink called Power Bull and due to the fact that the other two didn't drink it I (to be polite) drank all of it. And when we left, he offered us a bunch of drinks and these little Spiderman figures ,so naturally we took advantage (that and the energy drink).  And when I got home, with all the energy of the caffeine and my excitement to cheer up my down companion and try to motivate him, I commenced in using the figures and my Nerf guns to illustrate that, at times, we have to talk with and teach a lot of moles (people who don't want anything to do with us) to get our baptisms. It was great, especially because I went crazy and started talking like a preacher. Ya, I should never drink an energy drink again.
  • Sunday, we had lunch at a member's house with two sweet kids and a dog named Chewbacca.
So, that was basically my week and that should explain the photos below.

It is awesome to see how your weeks were and I hope that all of you will apply what you learned in conference.

Really quickly to answer you questions:
  • NO, we didn't have any investigators with us to watch conference, but we invited a few.
  • My companion an I are getting along fine and we are excited to move to our new apartment we are working on buying.
Well, you guys have a great week and keep sending me pictures and telling me how things are going.

Love and pray for you all!!


Elder Jardine