Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week 2

Well, I have been at the MTC for a week now, and I can safely say that it is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done. Just this week, I was able to take part in 5 blessings, one of which I was the recipient. Life here is very regimented, but there are a few pluses. First, the food is amazing and I have been eating a ton. Second, Sundays are relaxing and I am actually able to take a nap and relax. Third, P-days so far are great. (P-days, which stands for Preparation-days, are scheduled once a week for missionaries to be able to prepare for the upcoming week by doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) We start by going to the temple (we went to the Campinas temple today;  I took pictures, but I can't send them to you due to MTC policy and time constraints) and normally, we would have about a hour to go explore the city, but today, I barely have enough time to email you. 
Everyone here is super nice and I am getting along well with my companion and everyone else in my district. The language is difficult, but I am constantly working at it. Things here are amazing. I have felt the Spirit so strongly. I feel like I have been here a year, but I have seen and felt enough of God's hand that it could last me a lifetime. There is a lot of things I want to tell you, but won't be able to due to time constraints, but I will try to send you a letter as soon as I can get my hands on the necessary materials. Life was very difficult to start off, but now things are starting to get better. I think about you guys every day and I miss you a lot. I love you soooo much and I can't wait to read your emails next week ( feel free to send me pictures). Also, another elder told me to tell you to look into mission ties (Brazil). Apparently, you can get some letters sent to me and a few other pluses. I don't know; you will have to look into it. Well, I will write you next week. I love you so so so so so very very very much. I hope things go well for all of you.

Elder Jardine