Sunday, February 26, 2017

Anywhere Elder Jardine goes, he finds four-legged friends!
This little kitten was at the church. Latched onto Elder Jardine right off...

Week 30

This week was great. I was in campinas on Monday (to talk with President) and on Thursday (we had a mission tour). On Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, we did the normal things for work. We found a few people to teach, but not quite sure if they are investigators. 
On Saturday, we did some service for a less active member-just hauling some dirt so they can do a few re-modifications to their house, which was good. On Thursday, like I said, we had a mission tour where we had one of the local seventies, Elder Fortunato and his wife. They spoke to us about a variety of things that really helped me and got me re-energized to work, so that was great. 
But that was my week. This week will be my last week in Mogiguaçu for a while (I think/hope). Transfers are on the 28th, so I will tell you how that goes in two weeks.

Keep having great weeks and keep emailing me, especially pictures/videos; people love to see that kind of thing here. So do I, so anything really... Tucker being guilty, Lauren playing volleyball, Jaron and Hayden trying to fight to be the dominant male... anything really.

Have a great week and I will write you next Monday!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!💞💕

Elder Jardine