Sunday, November 27, 2016

P-day activity

Week 17

Well, this week was better. We worked hard and had more success. We pray for guidance every day and we try super hard. At times, it is difficult because we obey all the rules and work super hard, but don't have much success, but we'll keep putting our faith in the Lord.

It's good to hear from you. I hope things go well with your surgery, mom, and hope that you all can get healthy again (I had shoulder surgery on Monday, November 21st and our family has been fighting a really bad cold for a few weeks)

This week, I actually had an interesting experience. We have a less active member named Edimuton who is the son of a recent convert. Most of the time that we visit him, he says a lot of things that I can't understand, but know that they are not nice and guessing by how he acts, he doesn't like us at all. But this week, he had a fever and while he didn't want one at first, and after a few experiences that I had ( the one when Jaron gave me a blessing when I was in the hospital getting an IV) he humbled himself enough to ask for a blessing. I gave him one and, lo and behold, the next day, he was better. So that was an interesting experience.

Just keep enjoying life and know that I will only be gone for two Thanksgivings and I will Skype on Christmas. 

Well, that was my week. Enjoy Thanksgiving and I will tell you when I receive your package.
Love you all and hope you have a great week.
Elder Jardine