Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week 16
This week was kind of rough. We did a lot of walking, but not a whole lot of teaching, and I was kind of discouraged because of my numbers (My goal was to talk to 150 people, but I actually only talked to 88.) 
I had a small miracle this week. One day, I lost my ID pouch, which carries all of the things I need, but after a few prayers, we received a call from someone who said that they had found my ID pouch. It was great because we went and got my pouch and then taught them the first lesson and they listened to us. 
Right now, the weather feels like October-November in Utah (just today and yesterday) and I am reminded of what it was like there.
We did meet a lady this week to teach. Her name is Antonia and she asks the perfect questions. We are hoping to teach her the Plan of Salvation this week.

Keep telling me how things are.

Love you guys. Have a great week.

Elder Jardine