Sunday, December 11, 2016

Elder Jardine teaching some cutie kids
Elder Jardine with his zone
"This dog reminded me of Tucker, so I took his picture."
Elder Jardine and his companion teaching Leandro

Week 19

Well, this week was good and before I forget, I will answer all of your questions. First off, the other two elders in my house are Elder Sosa of Mexico, who is a great guy and loves to try to speak what words he knows in English; the other elder is Elder Morrise and we don't exactly get along... (but he is being transferred, so it's all good). But, he is an ok guy. 
Christmas is pretty much the same here minus the fact that it is hot and rains occasionally. As for our recent converts- Erika is extremely happy and firm as a rock. She is probably my favorite person to visit with. As for Danilo, he has slipped back into smoking and not coming to church, so we will visit him this week to help him out. 

As far as meals go, I make my breakfast; members feed us lunch every day minus p-day, and for diner unless a member invites us, we normally just take an hour break and eat açí of cookies with Coke. My Portuguese is better, but I am not fluent yet, and I have yet to receive your packages.

My week was good. We worked hard and are trying our best. We have a new investigator named Leandro, who is 16 and a friend of a member and things look promising. This week was a pretty normal one; work, walk, talk, teach, eat, sleep-so not really anything super exciting happened.

Keep telling me how things are going and I always enjoy seeing your pictures. Hope you guys have a fantastic week.

I love you all so much and can't wait to see you in 20 days on Christmas.

Bom sourte and tchou!!!!

Com Amor,

Elder Jardine