Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 26

So, this week was interesting. We had transfers and my new companion is Elder A Santos and he is great. A few things I have learned about him: he is from Sedip, Brazil, he has 9 months in the mission, this is his third area and he is optimistic. He has the same Goku shirt as me which is awesome and somehow he knows more about Dragon BallZ than me 😵. He is amazing and hard working. 

We are working hard here and are teaching a few people that have promise. Rodrigo and Fabriela are great people who are very welcoming. Fabriela is pregnant, so our focus is the family and first thing we are going to focus on is having them get married. But, they really are great people, although, their little 6 week old puppy has very sharp teeth and loves us. So, we are working and we are starting to get somewhere.

A few people to remember in your prayers. First, is Danilo. Pray that he will stop drinking and smoking and have a desire to return to the church. Also pray for Erica that she will also return and have courage to tell people to stop telling her all of the gossip in the ward and Irmão Luis that he will regain his testimony and tell us the real reason he has stopped coming to church.

It is good to see that everything is going well for you guys and I hope that you all have a great week.

Love and pray for you!

Elder Jardine