Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 3

Well, not much has happened since the last time I emailed you guys. I am glad to see everything is going well. As for me, I am doing fine. The past two weeks have been a blur and things are starting to get better. I am starting to like the full immersion language thing; it encourages me to learn. I am getting along well with my companion, Elder Crockett, and the rest of my district. We are becoming very close as a district. I ran into one of Tommy's friends here, Elder Myre (Tommy is Nathan's cousin).  He recognized me as the tall kid from Tommy's farewell. Speaking of  Tommy, I hope he is doing all right and can get back out there ASAP (Tommy had to come back from his time in the Mexico City MTC for knee surgery)
Things are starting to pick up here. I have been doing splits with other Brazilian missionaries here at the MTC and it is amazing. My companion and I go with Elder Sylva, who speaks better English than I do Portuguese, but it's all good. I can understand most of what he says. 
Time is tight here, so I haven't been able to send the letter I promised, but I will once I write it and get the supplies to send it. I will also be sending pictures. I will send them once I head out into town after this.
I hope everything continues to go well and if there is anything SIGNIFICANT that happens, I want to read about it in great detail (this was a plea for his siblings to write and tell him all the SIGNIFICANT happenings in their lives...which haven't happened yet...)
I love you all so much and I can feel your support here at the MTC. I am so glad that we are all a part of this gospel and are able to feel the love God has for us. I pray for you every day and I hope that God will touch each of your lives.