Monday, July 2, 2018

Week 96

So, to start off, I was transferred back to Jardin de Lago!!!!!!!! (my second, and favorite area) So this week went a bit crazy. We had transfers, then I had my "dying dinner" (the dinner that President treats you to at the end of the mission) with President Hill, which was awesome. Then, we went to the temple with President Hill and that was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it. Finally on Friday, I got my new companion, Elder Amorin for the next two weeks. So, as for the rest of my time here, I am super happy, excited, nervous, sad, and, in short, freaking out. But it's all good.

 Tell us one experience that made you reflect on the Savior's Atonement this week.  In the Campinas temple, I reflected on the past two years and I was extremely grateful that I was able to be there and feel the Savior's love for me the way I did.

Tell us one thing about the culture that you're going to really miss. Honestly, a lot. But one thing is the excitement about soccer. They are going crazy here about the World Cup; it is crazy, super fun, and exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I am super excited to see you guys and hear about the wedding. Tell me all about it!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all sooooo much and can't wait for the 14th.

Elder Jardine

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Week 95

So my week was good. I worked hard and we were able to mark a baptismal date with one of our investigators, Francisco so we are excited. This week was the last week of the transfer so here in a few hours, I will know if I will stay or go. This week, President Hill is taking everyone to the temple; it will probably be my last time here in the mission, so I am super happy and excited. On the 29th of June, President Marsh will officially become my new mission president and I am excited to see what happens.

As for stories:
 One convert who changed the most because of the gospel- 
The people who I saw the most change would probably be Adlemo and Josefa. I wasn't there for the entire process, but I saw the end. They are two people who are in very humble living circumstances. It appears that Adelmo had a problem with alcohol and they weren't married. Now, they are married, Adelmo lives the Word of Wisdom and they are both firm and excited about the church and I can tell that they are both very happy and feel the love of the Lord.
 One way living a specific principle helped you or blessed your life during the mission.
Obedience. Whenever I was obedient and doing what I could to be better, I always felt a thousand times better and I felt like the Lord accepted my sacrifice and work. It is definitely something I am going to stay firm with when I get home.

So now I am entering the end phase of my mission and I am starting to get nervous and excited. So if you guys want anything specific from Brazil, I will find it if I can. I only have two more emails left, so the end is near and I can't wait  to tell you guys what happens in the next few weeks.

Love you all soooooooo much and hope you all have a great week!!!!

Elder Jardine
Week 94

My week was good. I had my last interview with President Hill on Tuesday (last for President and my last interview of the mission) and it was awesome. President gave me a lot of advice and a lot of answers I needed. I am super excited to apply it all when I get home. We are working hard here and are doing our best to deserve a miracle in these last two weeks.

Tell us about one person you met this week that seemed interested in hearing about the gospel-
Last Sunday, we were walking on the street and decided to ask some guys for a cup of water. They gave us some and after freaking out about my height and the fact that I was American, they gave us some carrot cake and we started to have a great conversation. One of them named Daniela was interested in hearing what we believe and gave us her address to pass by. We did this week and she seemed interested. So we are excited to see her progress.

Tell us one conversation with your companion where you learned something-
During my training, I was having a difficult time with everything and I was really frustrated. After telling everything to my companion, he just said two things- first) he asked me if I had said a prayer of thanks and second) he told me I needed to see the little miracles in every day.

Tell us 2 different times in your mission where you learned something and tell us the story. 
So I have learned a truckload of things here on the mission; here are two:
  • Don't be too quick to judge. The third week in the MTC, we went to go place Books Of Mormon. My companion and I were having trouble and after our teacher showed us how it's done, we tried again. We saw a lady standing smoking and instead of passing by and saying "ah she probably isn't interested in God," my companion went and talked to her, and what do you know, she was interested and she accepted a Book Of Mormon.
  • God works miracles. This one I learned strongly with the baptism of Vanessa. She came to church with her brother. We were able to teach her, and she fulfilled all her commitments, received a testimony and was baptized and confirmed and is still coming to church. So that was a miracle to me.
So those are some stories from the mission. I will tell a lot more when I get home. Right now is the World Cup also so things are exciting especially when Brazil plays.

Thanks for telling me how things are going; keep me up to date on things.

I love you all sooooo much and hope you all have a great week!!!!!

Elder Jardine

Sunday, June 17, 2018

*Elder Jardine will be returning home from his mission on Saturday, July 14th. He will report in church on Sunday, July 15th at 11:00 am. The address of the church building is 10962 N. 6400 W. Highland, Utah. There will be a luncheon to follow the 3-hour church block. Hope you can all join us in welcoming Nathan home.
Week 93
My week was good. We had zone conference (President and Sister Hill's last) on Wednesday and I learned a lot and was also able to talk with my President who also helped me a lot. So now, I am good. I was stressed because of our area and my companion, but now I am all good so no worries. 

We are working hard and doing what we can. I am praying for another miracle this transfer, so we will see what happens. I have my last interview with President Hill tomorrow and I am super excited to see how it goes. I am excited to see how things go until the end of my mission and see what is going to happen with me for the new transfer (I hope I just go to another area as a trio and work until Friday afternoon and just go home, get my bag, and say bye, then go.) but, honestly, I have no idea what will happen. We will just have to see.

I am good. Doing what I can and trying not to think about how much time I have left (when I see a commercial plane, I get the weirdest feeling of dread, excitement, anxiety, and a whole bunch of things, so that is interesting).

It is good to see that all is well there. Keep me up to date on all of the happenings there.

I love you all soooooo much and hope that you guys have a great week!!

Elder Jardine

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Week 92

So this Tuesday, we were surprised with an emergency transfer. My new companion is Elder V. Silva. As for the area, we cut Denise and Edinaldo; they weren't progressing, so that was sad, but we will live. 

We were able to baptize Vanessa so we are super happy about that. It was truly a miracle. The mission tour didn't happen due to the strike that ended (for now). So things are just normalizing now so no problems. We have zone conference this Wednesday which I am excited for. These things are always super helpful (it is also my last one).

I am good- a bit stressed because of some things that are going on, but I will all be taken care of so there shouldn't be any problems.

It is good to see that all is going well there and I am excited to hear about the wedding and yard getting done. Keep me up to date on things there.

I love you all sooo much and hope that you all have a great week!!!

Elder Jardine

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Week 91

Nothing happened at transfers. I stayed here and so did Elder Ribiero. Our week was good. A few members gave me some goodies on my birthday.

We are working with Vanessa and she is progressing. She will be baptized this Saturday. This week, we will have a mission tour and I am interested to see how we get to Campinas (the truckers had a strike in the entire country blocking all the freeways and good stuff like that. So basically, the entire country is having a gasoline crisis... so we will see how long this goes). 

Edinaldo and Denise are going a bit slow so we are trying to see how this week will go-if we keep or cut them. So we will see what their attitudes are. 

I am good here-working hard and still not believing that this will be my last full transfer of the mission so we will see what other surprises happen in the last weeks of the mission.

I am glad to see that everything is going well there and I hope all goes well this week.

Love you all soooo much and hope you all have a good week!!!!

Elder Jardine