Sunday, September 17, 2017

Week 58

This week was great!! We really saw the Lord guiding us. Allow me to illustrate:
  • Tuesday- after a district meeting, we left to find someone to give a Book of Mormon. We talked to a few people, but didn't present it and then we talked to a man named Joaquim who said that he was going to talk to us because his life has been difficult lately. In short, we gave him the Book of Mormon and marked a day to teach him. Then, as we were walking, a man named Diego stopped his car and offered us a ride. We accepted and started to talk. Lo and behold, he is a less-active member who has a wife that is not a member. So there is a great teaching opportunity there.
  • Wednesday- we went and talked with our barber and we were able to show him the Restoration movie. He said he loved it and that he was needing it. Then we went to confirm lunch with sister Carmin and as we walked on her street, we saw a family at home. So we went and talked to them. They received us and we were able to teach them. Their names are Latisia and Wellington and they were very receptive. We learned that if we had come 20 minutes later, they wouldn't have been home. So that was crazy!!! After lunch, we were walking and a couple came to talk with us and what do you know... another less active and a non-member who wanted to come back to church!!!!!!!
  • Thursday- we finally taught Joaquim who said that he already knew that the Book of Mormon was true 😱😀😱😀😂.
  • Friday-we taught Joaquim again and he accepted a baptismal date and promised to stop drinking coffee!!!!!!
  • Saturday-was a normal day.
  • Sunday-we had ward conference and had 7 investigators at church. It was fantastic!!!! And we sang in the ward choir.
So that was my week and it was great. If you could please pray for these people, that would be awesome. Personally, I am fine; just working and starting to feel old. but I am happy.
It is great to see how your weeks are and hear all the exciting news. I can't wait to see what gender the baby is so I can tell people if I will have a sobrinho or sobrinha.
I love you and I pray that God may bless each and everyone of you. Have a great week. 

Elder Jardine

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week 57

Well, this week didn't go as we had hoped. Larissa denied her answer and doesn't want to be baptized and our other baptism that should have happened backed out because he didn't agree with no coffee. But we still hope to have at least 2 or 3 baptisms this month (Dara and Wendel for 23-9-17). I also had my first divisions with Elder Bello and Elder Chaves which was great another milestone in my new designation. I stayed with Elder Bello and my companion stayed with Elder Chaves. It was great.

Speaking of my companion... just a few notes: he is from Bahia up north. He is 20 years old and has five months in the mission and all around is a great guy.

It is good to hear how your weeks are progressing and hearing about all the change going on. Good luck with everything-school, dating, sports, work, the house, the move and the baby.

I love you all and pray that all goes well for you. Keep strong!!!!

Elder Jardine

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Week 56

This week was great. So, here is what happened:
  • Monday- p-day-as a zone it was great. We played soccer and Nerf wars. Then, that night I saw my first conversion. So we have been teaching a girl named Larissa for about three months, but hadn't ben able to get her to commit to baptism. So we taught that night about the plan God has for us and talked a lot about baptism. We cleared her doubts, but she still wasn't certain that she should be baptized. So at the end, I told her to pray about it and wait a bit afterwards to hear an answer. So she said a silent prayer as did all of us. At the end, when I looked up, she was crying. She has a baptismal date marked for this Sunday so if you could all pray that she will be able to receive a testimony about Joseph Smith, that would be great.
  • Tuesday-we had district meeting which was great. The doctrine for the meeting was the role of the Spirit in conversion (perfect topic, right?). So during the practices, we all felt the Spirit really strong.
  • Wednesday through Saturday-was all kind of a blur. We talked to everyone we saw and tried to teach some new people. We generally have some sort of activity at the church at night which is fun and this Saturday, we helped a member move which took me back to the 5 times we moved, so it was all great.
I am good. My companion ELDER CONCECÇÃO and I are getting along and learning from each other.

It is great to see how your weeks are going. Good luck with school, the baby, the house, and everything else you are doing. Mom, be careful! Brigham is shooting for your spot on the Tucker love chart.

Have a great week!!!!
I love you all soooooooooooo much and I pray that the Lord blesses you continually.

Elder Jardine

P.S-grandma and grandpa, good luck with the move.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Week 55

Well, this week was full of walking, rain, and more walking. We spent as much time on the streets trying to talk to people as mom did at PGHS (Last week, I was at work 65 hours... and school hadn't even started for the year yet). We weren't able to enter into any houses, but we have faith that this week will be better. 

As for my new designation, it is a bit different, but I am already used to it (4 of my 6 comps were district leaders). 

Other than the usual walk and talk, we said "see you later" (I hate good-byes) to Barbara this Wednesday which was kind of sad. She left for New York this Saturday. 

We also had zone conference this Thursday which was great. I always enjoy talking with president and other missionaries. As for me, I am good and healthy. My new companion is awesome and we are getting along great!

So ya, that about sums up my week. It is sweet to see how your weeks are going. Good luck at school this week, and with the house and work and the baby (Jessica) and everything else.

Love you all sooooooo much!!!!

Elder Jardine
Week 54

This week was good. We had transfers and now my new companion is Elder Conceção of Senhor do Bomfim in the northern part of Brazil. He is a great guy and we are getting along great. He has 4 months on the mission, so he's my first companion that is younger than me (in the mission; he is actually 20). 
Also, I am now the new district leader so I am learning the ropes of that. So my week goes as follows:
  • Tuesday-transfers
  • Wednesday-district meting in the morning and hot chocolate night at the church.
  • Thursday-Saturday-contacts in the morning and visits/appointments in the afternoon and at night.
  • Sunday-Barbara's last Sunday in Brazil😭(she will leave for New York City on Saturday and then after a few days there she will be off to Maryland to be an au pair) and choir practice at night (I miss South Eugene choir).
So that was my week. I am growing physically and spiritually every day. The mission is not easy, but I am living through it and I don't regret it at all.

It is good to see how things are progressing there and I hope that everything continues to go well for you guys. Send me pictures and tell me how things are.

I love you all soooooooooooo much and I pray for you continually.

Elder Jardine

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week 53

My week was good. We had a great P-day with President and were able to eat some American BBQ, watch Moana in Portuguese and then play some board games. It was great!

Then, on Tuesday we went to the temple with Barbara and Alesandro and Daneusa, our recent converts. We all enjoyed it and it was nice to be able to sit in the garden and just feel the spirit of the temple. I also got to see a few members from Jardin de Lago-Vicot and Pamela. It was nice to see them and see how things were there. After that, my week was pretty normal. 

I burned an old whiteish T-shirt that I had for my one year on the mission (videos attached). We also had a service project on Saturday where we helped reform a daycare/ school. I got paint all over me, but I loved every minute of it. But that was pretty much my week.

Tomorrow are transfers and I will stay and elder Dalson will be leaving. I will tell you about my new companion next week.

Have a great week and keep telling me all of the exciting news.

Elder Jardine​

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Week 52
So we baptized Barbara who, thanks to our zone leader, knew that this was what she wanted. We had the interview on Friday and we had the baptism Saturday night with the confirmation on Sunday and we will be visiting the temple tomorrow. So things are progressing with her really quickly. 

Other than that, we had interviews with president which was great and we just worked the rest of the week. I am good, happy and healthy. Due to the fact that our zone baptized 6 people in 4 different areas, we now will go to President Hill's house to enjoy a p-day there, so that is why I am so early today.

It is so great to see that you are all doing well and I how you have a great week. I love you all so much and look forward to your emails next week!      
Sincerely and with much love,                                                                                                                                       Elder Jardine