Sunday, May 28, 2017

Silly missionaries!
Birthday celebratory Nerf war
Waiting for the burger challenge...

Choking down the burger challenge...
Feeling sick after the burger challenge...

Week 42

This week was kind of an UGH week. I had the cold/flu (I don't know which; it felt like both) Tuesday and Wednesday, which was then accompanied by pouring rain for the next three days. We tried to work, but with little success.

We had someone come to church... a little puppy that decided to see what's up, but at night, we went and visited a contact that we had made on the street a few days earlier. He and his family (two of the oldest kids are already baptized btw) were really receptive, and, at the end, Emerson, the dad, basically repeated the whole lesson to his son and said that he knew it was true. He said that because Joseph saw God and Jesus, he was a true prophet. When his son started to say the things we don't do, like drink coffee, Emerson said, "so looks like I have to stop with the coffee." It was awesome.

But, that basically sums up my week. Earlier this morning, we had a Nerf fight in celebration of my birthday, so that was fun too.

It is always good to hear about your awesome weeks. Keep telling me how things are going. 

Well, have a great week and enjoy the pictures. (The burger is a challenge that we tried to do; you have to eat the whole thing in 25 minutes. It was fun, but it sucked at the same time 😲😵.)

Love you all.

Elder Jardine​

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week 41
We got to talk with Elder Jardine for almost an hour on Mother's Day last weekend. It was SO great to see his smiling face!

I am so happy; this week was great. Here are some things that we did/had:
  • We finally moved into our new apartment which is right in front of the church. So, that is exciting especially since we have been waiting for a whole freaking transfer to get there 😡. But it is all good now. Some pictures are below.
  • We had interviews with the president which is always fun (I say that non-sarcastically. I love the president; he is a truly inspired and uplifting man). I learned some things I need to work on so I will be improving.
  • The Mother's Day Skype was great after which we had a very American meal of steak with mashed potatoes and gravy with some homemade apple pie. It was amazing!
  • We learn about transfers today, so we will just have to wait and see about that.
So, that was my week. Keep telling me how things are going and keep being awesome.

I love you all so much and pray for you continually.

Elder Jardine

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week 40

This week was pretty normal. We went and taught a few people and were able to finally have someone come to church. His name it Mattius and he is the son of a lady we have been trying to teach. He really liked church and said that he wanted to come again; the only thing is that he seems to struggle with belief in god. Other than that, we just went and tried to teach some people, but we don't know how things will fair-when or if  we will teach them again. 

As for my companion, he is from Georgia. He's served 1 year and nine months on his mission. He loves hunting, and all in all, he is just a great guy.

It is always good to hear about your weeks and keep telling me stuff. Can't wait to see you guys on Mother's Day.

Love you all and have a great week.

Elder Jardine

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Elder Jardine (far left), branch president, another companionship,  and his companion (far right)
Elder Jardine after the painting service project.
Elder Jardine with his district.

Week 39

This week was great. We worked a lot and were able to get two new people to teach!!!! Hallelujah!!! Especially since one of them was a reference of 15 people who had already been taught everything; just have a few problems to solve, but that won't be too hard. 

We haven't moved houses yet so that is taking its toll on my money and my patience. We have to take a bus everywhere because our house is so freaking far from the church and where we are working. But I have received word that we WILL be moving this week, so I will send you pictures and it will be awesome.

The only things that were really out of the ordinary is that we had dinner at an investigator's house last night and I got to meet their dog, Lucky, who is a lot like Tucker, just not as cute or loving (that is impossible); and we did a massive service project this morning and I got interviewed. We painted a bunch of houses so I was covered in white paint.That about sums up my week.

It was great to see how all of your weeks went and that AWESOME video that Brigham made (nice work; looked like a lot of fun). Just keep being awesome and give the rest of the family my love.

I love you guys and just know that I am fine here. I am loving the work and learning a lot.

With love and prayers,

Elder Jardine​