Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 39

This week was great. We worked a lot and were able to get two new people to teach!!!! Hallelujah!!! Especially since one of them was a reference of 15 people who had already been taught everything; just have a few problems to solve, but that won't be too hard. 

We haven't moved houses yet so that is taking its toll on my money and my patience. We have to take a bus everywhere because our house is so freaking far from the church and where we are working. But I have received word that we WILL be moving this week, so I will send you pictures and it will be awesome.

The only things that were really out of the ordinary is that we had dinner at an investigator's house last night and I got to meet their dog, Lucky, who is a lot like Tucker, just not as cute or loving (that is impossible); and we did a massive service project this morning and I got interviewed. We painted a bunch of houses so I was covered in white paint.That about sums up my week.

It was great to see how all of your weeks went and that AWESOME video that Brigham made (nice work; looked like a lot of fun). Just keep being awesome and give the rest of the family my love.

I love you guys and just know that I am fine here. I am loving the work and learning a lot.

With love and prayers,

Elder Jardine​