Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week 35

Well, this week was interesting. Here are just a few things that happened:
  • our water got shut off due to a $1500 real (about $480) debt that we didn't know we had. We hope to receive more water tomorrow.
  • we had zone conference about using our time wisely which was great; I always love opportunities to talk with President Hill.
  • I about had a mental spiritual breakdown due to our lack of success, but after spilling it all out to my companion and a few inspired talks and study and advice, I am all good now. That is one thing about the mission; at times, it is difficult to know how you are successful, especially when you have all zeroes after working your butt off. It gets difficult to see how the Lord is blessing or helping you, but it is all good now.
  • We didn't have any people at church although we did find some new people with promise this week who we will visit tomorrow and the rest of this week.
So, that about sums up my week. Not a whole lot is happening. It is getting a bit colder, but I think it will be like the winters in Eugene so no real problems. 

Well, it is always good to hear how your weeks are.

I love you all and have a great week.

Elder Jardine