Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week 37

Okay, so just a quick note before I start. I didn't reply to all your emails (I got them) because the president has made a new rule about only sending one email per person so I will try to do that.

Anyway, this week was fun. It was the last week of the transfer and aside form the usual work, not much happened. They did transfers differently this time; we received a call this morning and I learned that I will be the only one staying in this area!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! But I have faith. We are also moving houses today to an apartment right in front of the church. I will try to send you pictures next week. 

Also I had another podiatrist appointment where they did some more nail work-the painful kind-so that is fun😖. But other than that, it was just work trying to get some new people, so we will just have to see how that goes. As far as the Book of Mormon goes, I have made a goal to read the whole thing in Portuguese this transfer (which will only be five weeks) so I will keep you informed.

Love you all and I hope you all have a great week.
Love you!!!!!


Elder Jardine