Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 33

Okay, so my week was great. We are working with a family who has some experience with the church and are even good friends with the bishop. His name is Emilio and we think that he will be a key to almost 7 baptisms, including his own. He loves the church; his kids love Primary and he has a great influence on his brother and niece. The only problem is he finds it a bit difficult to go to church, so we are hoping that he will be able to go this week.  Another thing is that his girlfriend (they aren't married) is pretty closed off, so we will just have to see about that. 

Other than that, we have a few other people that we are teaching, but we are just going to have to see if they are the elect for us. I will keep you posted on them.

We had zone conference this week. That was great. We learned a lot and had some fun. We had stake conference this past Sunday which was wonderful. I am loving this new area and I think it is white and ready for a Jardine to come and do some harvesting 😉

The only really bad part of my week was just barely when I visited the doctor to do some fixing. She took a look at things and did some stuff including removing part of my ingrown toenail and removing the last part of a pre-existing one, so now my toe is throbbing, but I will live.

Love you guys. Have a great week and keep emailing me and send me pictures if you can.

Love you!!!!

Elder Jardine​