Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week 32

This week was good, more or less. We had transfers which went smoothly. I am now in the Jardim do Lagos area with my new companion, Elder B. Gomes who is Brazilian, but has lived in Lisbon, Portugal ever since he was five. He speaks amazing English and is a fun guy. 
I can't really describe my area very well because I have only spent about 3.5 days walking it due to a fever I had Thursday and Friday, but I can tell you it is big mountains and has promise. We are teaching the odd person here or there although I have forgotten most of  their names 😬 . 
I need to be better at that. But the members here are super nice and welcoming. I am fine here. I have been trying to eat more, but due to the fever, I think I may have lost some pounds. But I will gain it back, I promise.

I how that you all have a fantastic week and I will write you guys next week.

I love you and I pray for you💕

Elder Jardine