Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 24

So, it has been a long time since I have emailed you guys and a lot has happened.

First off, Happy New Year!!!!!! It was great! We had a small barbecue. After that, we went to a member's house for a bit and then we were in house at 8, having a massive Nerf fight. I went to bed at about ten and was awakened by the fireworks at one am. We didn't really run into any drunk people the next day because it was Sunday, so that was good.

My weeks have been good. We have found some people to teach, but only time will tell if they are ready to be investigators... we'll see.

It was good to hear about your weeks and to see you all on Christmas and I hope you have another great week!!!!!!
I set some spiritual goals, some physical goals and some mental goals for the New Year. Hope you did too.

Love you all!!!


Elder Jardine

Oh!!!. P.S- have you heard about the new schedule? It is amazzzzzzing. Look it up. It is worldwide and it is perfect for the work here. We work more in the morning, study in the afternoon and work at night-the two coolest times of day.