Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 9

Well, this week was good. We went tracting a lot and we taught a lot of lessons. We were able to get three or four people to commit to baptism (one is named Paulo and he agreed to be baptized on November 1st after hearing just the first lesson. We go to teach him tomorrow about the Word of Wisdom so we can get him working on his smoking problem (that is how we found him when we were out proselyting). We talked to a lot of people and they are mostly open to our message (no Jehovah's Witnesses). My companion, Elder da Silva, and I are getting along great; he does a great job at teaching me and letting me teach. My other two housemates are cool; a little bit crazy, but we all get along.
Things were a bit difficult at the beginning and end of this week. I was tired and a bit depressed and in pain. (Nathan has hurt his knee and it's been bothering him lately with how much walking they have to do.) I am doing everything my mission president and his wife have counseled me to do to make things better.

It is sad to hear that Mike Riggs died, but at least he is in heaven now, so he is perfect (literally). (Mike Riggs was a man in our Eugene ward who was confined to a wheelchair all his life with significant health problems; even so, he was an amazing example of faith in the face of adversity.) Keep telling me how things are going there.

Love you,
Elder Jardine.