Sunday, June 25, 2017

Week 46

This week was something. Okay... I have to be kind of honest here; it kind of sucked. We had already cut Emerson due to the fact that we could never meet with him. We were able to talk to Robson and he said that he didn't what anymore involvement with the church due to the fact that he needs to find work. 😤😤😤😤😤 We didn't destroy him like we could have so we could at least leave  one door open for him. 

So, as of now, we have no one in our teaching pool. After that, we kind of got depressed and it was difficult to find a reason to work. Then on Friday, we finally decided it was enough. We went and sat down at a table in the park in our complex and analyzed our problems-what we were doing wrong, what we were going to do better, and how we could solve our problems. Now, we are all good and hoping that this week will be better. 

Good news of this week was that we had a bunch on less active members come to church, so that was good to see. So now, just pray that we will find some new people this week to teach.

It is good to hear how your weeks are going. Keep me informed on the house and things like that.

Have a good week!

Love you all soooooo much.

Elder Jardine