Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 27

This week was pretty normal. We walked a LOT and talked to a lot of people, but unfortunately, almost all of our commitments fell, so that was a bummer. But ,we will continue on and pray for the Spirit. 

As far as Danilo goes, we have stopped visiting him. He lives far away and every time without fail we try to pass there, they are not there, so that is a bummer. But Erica is good. She explained that she has a small problem with her throat so that explains why she wasn't coming to church, but it's all good now. 

I love Elder A Santos! He is a hard worker and we get along great. We have cut Rodrigo and Fabriela because they didn't come to church and they have stopped answering the phone and door. So, I get the message. But, all good!

It is great to see how your weeks are going and how the Lord is blessing you guys. Keep enjoying the snow and have fantastic weeks.

Love you all and I pray for you continually.

Elder Jardine