Sunday, December 25, 2016

Week 21
This week was interesting. The only day that I really worked was on Tuesday and this is why: Wednesday- in bed with a fever, Thursday- district leadership training in Campinas,
Friday and Saturday- stayed in house with Elder Fisher because he couldn't walk on his ankle for three days.

So, not much to report, but it was a good week. I got a new smaller Portuguese Bible so I started marking that up really quickly so I can use it in lessons/for other messages, so that was very exciting. 
I love my companion. He is amazing and is an extremely good companion. I love him especially since he is the "filho" (child) of elder Tavares, my former zone leader.

As for Skype, I will have 40 minutes on Sunday between 4-6 my time and this next Saturday is P-day so I will email you to talk more about that.

So, I have received one Christmas package when I visited Campinas and had to pay about R$200 and I apologize that I opened it IMMEDIATELY when I got home once I saw "pumpkin pie" and just know that immediately after i opened it, a Nerf war ensued where I learned that the Nerf guns HURT!! It is amazing and Elder Sosa wants me to ask you for another mega (he loves that thing). 

As for your other packages, I think that I will receive them when I am in Campinas again this Wednesday for Zone Conference so I will tell you if I receive them. Please thank the ward on behalf of me and I look forward to receiving their package.

Keep telling me how your weeks go and I will see you on Christmas.

Elder Jardine

(We were able to speak with Elder Jardine today for 45 minutes. He looks great. He's gained about 10 pounds [now busting the scales at 150] and is happy. He was sweating up a storm, since it's summer in Brazil and it was 94 degrees today, but smiling, which we love to see. He also told us he got all his Christmas packages-we sent 2 and our wonderful ward here in Highland sent one.)