Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 18
Well, this week was good. We worked really hard. We also tried a new area one day and we taught 4 lessons and found one elect person. His name was Jovani and he was our last lesson in that area. He was excited to learn more and he really wants this gospel. The Spirit was extremely strong in our lesson and it was terrific. Our best lesson of the week. Unfortunately, he didn't come to church, so that's a bummer, but we still have hope for him. 
As for my Thanksgiving, I low key thought that it was on the 25th and about mid-day, I realized that is was the fourth Thursday of November... but the bishop took us and the other missionaries and the ward mission leader our for pizza, which was great. 
This week actually went by really fast. On Wednesday, we had interviews with the president where we mainly talked about the types of missionaries and I promised him that I would be the missionary that he could count on, like Ephraim (see Ephraim's Rescue) and help my companion (who is, in my opinion, the greatest missionary in Brazil, possibly South America). 
Speaking of my companion, he dies (returns home) next Tuesday, which is sad, but I will be sure to tell you about my new companion. Also, attached are some photos of Thanksgiving, my Christmas decorations, a view in the area we tried where my companion said in his best english "This is the Place" and an owl who has the same face as me every time my companion says that he has um semana (a week left).
It's always great to hear from you guys. Keep me informed and keep sending me pictures. 
I hope the Lord continues to bless you and hope that you all have a great week. (Hope your shoulder gets better, mom.)

With the love of our Savior,

Elder Jardine